For the first time Food & Wine invites the public to vote in the America’s Favorite Food Cities Survey.

According to a news release, Louisville was chosen by Food &Wine’s editors as one of 40 contenders vying for the honor. Now through April 30 the public can vote on which city has the best-looking chefs, the most adventurous eaters, and more.
Be forewarned, this is not a popularity contest like the Southern Living vote-a-thon of two years ago. This is a detailed survey asking respondents to rank those dining cities on more than 50 characteristics including which city has the best chefs or most vibrant ethnic food scene, to which city has the best or worst service. The results will be revealed in the September 2014 print issue of Food & Wine.
Click here to take the survey.
1.      Atlanta
2.      Austin
3.      Birmingham
4.      Boston
5.      Charleston
6.      Chicago
7.      Cincinnati
8.      Cleveland
9.      Dallas
10.  Denver
11.  Houston
12.  Honolulu
13.  Indianapolis
14.  Kansas City
15.  Las Vegas
16.  Los Angeles
17.  Louisville
18.  Madison
19.  Memphis
20.  Miami
21.  Milwaukee
22.  Minneapolis
23.  Nashville
24.  New Orleans
25.  New York City
26.  Philadelphia
27.  Phoenix
28.  Pittsburgh
29.  Portland, ME
30.  Portland, OR
31.  Providence
32.  St. Louis
33.  Salt Lake City
34.  San Antonio
35.  San Diego
36.  San Francisco
37.  Santa Fe
38.  Savannah
39.  Seattle
40.  Washington, DC