How about this bit of love for the home team?

Westport Whiskey & Wine was showcased in a feature story in the December issue of Market Watch.

According to a news release, “The Market Watch article highlighted the store’s unique approach to educating its customers through a significant number of beverage tasting opportunities.”
If you’ve never been there, the store is located in Westport Village. Its snazzy Tasting Room allows visitors to sample more than 200 whiskies individually or in flights. It also serves as a classroom setting for tastings of wine, beer and other spirits tastings.
“We need a way to drive people to our store,” co-owner Chris Zaborowski said in the Market Place feature. “Tastings are the best means of doing that. Our suppliers tell us that nobody else teaches and tastes like we do. We’re proud of that distinction.”
Market Watch is the primary resource for business information for the drinks industry, providing extensive analysis of industry trends, data, statistics, on- and off-premise operations, as well as coverage of business strategies, merchandising promotion and wholesale news.
Tasting events have grown both in attendance and frequency. The owners have a goal to have something that would appeal to their customer base nearly every night.
“We’ve been fortunate through our connections and passion for wine and spirits to have some of the most notable names in the industry visit us,” said Zaborowski
See the full piece by clicking here. I bet even WWW loyalists will learn something new about the store.
To learn a bit more about the store, visit its website or call 502-708-1313.