We bet that headline means “fightin’ words” to some who take their coffee and coffee houses personally.

The morning brew is not only a prized pick-me-up, people attach feelings to the coffee house experience—even when their noses are buried in their iPads and they’re not talking to anyone.
Doubtless, Sunergos delivers both the java and the experience, and if even Zagat—like so many travel guides—never set foot in Louisville when making its pick, it’s made a good one. Metromix Louisville also gave it the top spot in its 2012 ranking.
The micro-roastery and coffee house company has three outlets and a devoted following. Each shop has its own personality and clientele, but the coffee is the same at all three, which is no small feat for small businesses spread across town.
So, if for no other reason than to celebrate national recognition for the hometown team, owners Brian Miller and Matthew Huested, we salute Sunergos.
Follow the link to read Zagat’s comments.